Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

  • 3 Ways To Make Your CPAP Mask More Comfortable

    Authorities estimate that over 18 million Americans suffer from the potentially life-threatening condition known as sleep apnea. Treatment for sleep apnea comes most often in the form of a CPAP machine, which supplies a constant flow of air that helps to keep a sleep apnea patient breathing normally through the night. Despite the fact that these machines provide life-saving benefits, many people find wearing a CPAP mask uncomfortable. If your CPAP mask is keeping you up at night, here are 3 things you can do to increase your comfort level in the future.

  • Punctal Plugs Ease Dry Eyes And Make Contact Lens Use More Comfortable

    You've worn contact lenses for many years, but wearing contacts no longer  comfortable for any length of time. Your eyes start feeling sore and gritty after a few hours, and you just want to take the contacts out and be done with it. You're probably experiencing chronic dry eyes, also known as dry eye syndrome. This is a relatively common condition, especially as people age. An optometrist can help you with devices known as punctal plugs.

  • Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Retirement Community

    The aging process has the ability to steal a person's independence from them. Sadly, many people's family members have extremely busy lives which can make it difficult to care for an elderly parent. Luckily, there are retirement communities that are designed to provide a comfortable environment for individuals that are no longer able to live on their own. If you have never considered this option, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help make choosing the retirement community a little easier.

  • What To Do To Prepare Your Home When You Need Foot Surgery

    After you sustain an injury to your foot or ankle, you find yourself sitting in the podiatrist's office awaiting the results of the many diagnostic tests you have just undergone. When you find out you need foot surgery to correct the problem, your heart drops. After all, you are a busy person, and you do not want to take the time out of your busy schedule to have and recover from surgery.

  • Four Tips For Healthy Meal Planning

    You want to give your family a healthy, satisfying dinner everyday, but life often gets in the way. Rather than get overwhelmed by your daily to-do list and opt for another unhealthy fast food meal, treat your loved ones to a homecooked dinner. If you've prepped ahead of time and did a bit of meal planning, you should be able to have the nourishing food on the table in less than an hour.

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Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

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